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Frontera Collection at UCLA
The Arhoolie Foundation's Strachwitz Frontera Collection of Mexican and Mexican American Recordings

After many years of negotiations and efforts on behalf of the Arhoolie Foundation by our board of directors member, the late Prof. Guillermo Hernandez of the University of California at Los Angeles, Chicano Studies Research Center in collaboration with the Fund For Folk Culture, and through a generous grant from the Los Tigres Del Norte Foundation, the Arhoolie Foundation has digitized Part 1 (ca. 15,000 - 78 rpm discs) of the Strachwitz Frontera Collection. This collection of Mexican and Mexican-American recordings contains approximately 15,000 - 78 rpm recordings and 21,000 - 45 RPM recordings, as well as thousands of cassettes, LPs and CDs. This has been no doubt our biggest project yet. This project is in partnership with UCLA and the digitized collection can be accessed on the UCLA Digital Library website.

The initial cataloging of about 14,000 Mexican-American 78 rpm discs (28,000 individual selections), about 16,000 - 45 rpm discs and several thousand LPs, cassettes and CDs in the Arhoolie Foundation's Strachwitz Collection of Mexican and Mexican-American Recordings, was really our first task. The discs were donated to the Arhoolie Foundation by Chris Strachwitz. This computer entry work was done mainly by Juana Garcia, Emanuel Martinez, Graciela Blum and Lyuba Birinbaum. This work was funded by grants from NARAS and the NEA. This cataloging effort continues as the collection continues to grow.

Volunteer/intern Mindy Gross cataloged and scanned over 1,100 photos of musicians, record company catalogs, and other historic images related to the recordings in the Frontera Collection. These images were collected by Chris Strachwitz over the years and donated to the Foundation.

In 2006 The Arhoolie Foundation received a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to begin part one of digitizing our over 20,000 45 rpm recordings and sending them to the UCLA Digital Library. We are currently applying for more grants to continue the 45rpm digitization project.

We are always accepting donations of 78 rpm and 45 rpm recordings that are not already in our collection. If you wish to make a donation, please contact us at